The purpose of a sketch a day is just to do it - sketch! It doesn't matter if it is an involved sketch or if it is a simple contour or gesture drawing. There are no rules except to sketch each day.

Life parameters can dictate the time investment, but a sketch a day commitment is designed to elevate the personal priority of sketching ... to enforce sketching. Making it into a "resolution" validates the activity (invests it with a bit of a challenge even!) and defends against competing demands. The sketch a day is designed for practice - to reinforce basic skills, and to provide daily contemplation on the issues of two dimensional representation.

Several of us are doing a sketch a day, and I would enjoy hearing from anyone else who decides to join in. We share our efforts, support each other, keep each other honest and... hopefully we'll have some fun doing this!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December 16, 2011

    The reason there are shadows on the lower left corner and along the right edge is because this pad is enough larger than the scanner bed to cause the lid hinge to bump it up off the glass a bit. This is the start on a basket of knitting.


  1. wonderful yarn presentation.....and who pray tell is knitting?


  2. Oh! Do you knit? I've started knitting again, and I was thinking that a painting of the yarn might be fun...

  3. No - I don't knit! Others in my family do, and I tried to learn, and I am all thumbs. My mother says it's just amazing the way I'm "so handy" but just can't knit. Being amazing is my thing...

    I really think a yarn painting might be great. You could play with the colors And the softness - and maybe a hard bowl they're in, or a softly reflective wooden table. Yum.