The purpose of a sketch a day is just to do it - sketch! It doesn't matter if it is an involved sketch or if it is a simple contour or gesture drawing. There are no rules except to sketch each day.

Life parameters can dictate the time investment, but a sketch a day commitment is designed to elevate the personal priority of sketching ... to enforce sketching. Making it into a "resolution" validates the activity (invests it with a bit of a challenge even!) and defends against competing demands. The sketch a day is designed for practice - to reinforce basic skills, and to provide daily contemplation on the issues of two dimensional representation.

Several of us are doing a sketch a day, and I would enjoy hearing from anyone else who decides to join in. We share our efforts, support each other, keep each other honest and... hopefully we'll have some fun doing this!

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Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 31, 2011 NEW YEAR'S DAY

    Happy New Year! For my last drawing of 2011 I've done a lucky chicken bone. It's the "wish bone" - for those of you who aren't familiar with the children's game of pulling the wish bone - you make a wish, grab one of the sides of the dried Y shaped bone, and pull until it cracks. If you get the long end, then you get your wish! 
    It's been a long haul, but with this drawing I've managed to do a sketch or drawing a day for every day in 2011. Not that I managed to draw every day; no... some days I just didn't make it, but I drew a drawing for every day. 
    I got lots of practice, tried a few different techniques, did some experimenting, turned out some serious efforts, some playful sketches, and turned out some stinkers I posted anyway just to keep the numbers up! I am, as of this moment, heartily sick of drawing... but I know that will pass. 
    I won't be posting (or even trying to) every day for the next year. I'll probably take a little break just at first (!) though I will no doubt still draw and still post throughout the year. I expect I may well reorganize this blog or transfer some of my drawings to one that's organized more by subject matter. I am going to paint more, too - and post those. 
    Thanks for looking!  I do check my stats sometimes (thus the frog walking a dog), and although you don't comment I can tell there's folks who check in with me from all over the world. That keeps it exciting, and lets me imagine there's someone in India, someone in Australia, someone in Japan and so on who is an unknown friend. Happy New Year to each of you, and may you always get at least the best, wisest and luckiest part of your wishes!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS, EM! You've done it! I didn't, I gave up. But not forever. It's been great fun seeing all your drawings from this year. I've loved seeing you doing more art, and I hope to see lots more (and maybe you'll go out painting with me!) Happy New Year, buddy!

  2. Hi Em,

    You visited my blog a few days ago and left a msg. Thanks for visiting - I hope you enjoyed the pictures and stories. I do still raise butterflies and moths. It's been a hobby of mine since I was a teenager and I will probably do it until I physically can't anymore.

    I just haven't gotten around to posting anything yet this year on my blog - been too busy with work. :( Actually raised a few new species this year and I really want to update my blog soon. Every year I try to focus on a species I haven't raised before. Feel free to ask if you have any more questions.