The purpose of a sketch a day is just to do it - sketch! It doesn't matter if it is an involved sketch or if it is a simple contour or gesture drawing. There are no rules except to sketch each day.

Life parameters can dictate the time investment, but a sketch a day commitment is designed to elevate the personal priority of sketching ... to enforce sketching. Making it into a "resolution" validates the activity (invests it with a bit of a challenge even!) and defends against competing demands. The sketch a day is designed for practice - to reinforce basic skills, and to provide daily contemplation on the issues of two dimensional representation.

Several of us are doing a sketch a day, and I would enjoy hearing from anyone else who decides to join in. We share our efforts, support each other, keep each other honest and... hopefully we'll have some fun doing this!

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Friday, December 30, 2011

December 30, 2011

    Okay - one day away from having posted all year, and I'm running low on ideas... besides, the television, magazines, papers etc. are all about rehashing the year. So why not? I decided I'd take a look at the things people who visited this sketch blog were searching for when they ran across it, and choose one of the strangest (and some search terms are pretty strange...). 
    The search term I thought was oddest and also drawable ("dog dog gold" not being very drawable, for example) was "dog walking a frog". Okay, here's a frog out walking his pup.

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  1. gosh, we have a dog walking neighbor who looks freakishly like this (less naked, thankfully......) but his dog is totally different so I guess this can't be based on real life!